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Welcome to All Children’s Art Center of NJ !

We’re a licensed 501(c3) Non-Profit organization dedicated to aspiring artists of all ages and ablilities.

We have a unique cultivating environment where eveyone is encouraged to explore the world of art while learning, sharing, growing and helping others.

We have a wide variety of art programs that give opportunities for everyone to try new things, share experiences, showcase and perform as well as help community and others.

We have seaonal program weekly classes guided by art experts with End-Of-Season live perfomrances, showcases & exhibitions.

We also peform and have workshops at charity events.

Parties and Special Events!

Performing Arts – Acting, Singing, Dancing

Clay & Glass  Works

Rock Bands – Club Rock Org


Bath & Body Works

Young Chefs: Cooking & Baking

ARTS & CRAFTS: Slime, Painting, Drawing, Projects


Adult Programs: Workshops, Team Building