About Us

A Non Profit Organization

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing children of all ages and abilities a safe environment  where they can express themselves artistically.

Our mission is  not only to promote art education that's lacking more and more  in our school systems, but also enhance children’s development and creativity, by providing all arts in one place .

Our goal is to give our children the opportunity to explore all  their artistic abilities in one safe, clean and adult supervised environment. From music classes, performing, painting and drawing to creating slime, bath bombs or crafting with clay are just a few of the lots of artistic and creative beautiful things they can do at ACACNJ

More than ever, our world needs a place to keep our children's artistic minds afloat and ACACNJ a non profit organization is the place to go.

What We Offer

Here at ACACNJ we offer a wide variety  of   Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music Programs, Our Visual Art Program include Clay & Glass, Jewelry Making, Painting, Drawing , Crafting, Bath & Body Works, Cooking, Slime and lot more adding everyday.

Our Music Program  includes Private Music Lessons and our Club Rock program . Performing Arts includes Acting, Musical Theater and dance lessons, as well as Mommy and Me sessions

We also offer Parties, Special Events, Workshops, Camp, Get-Togethers, Music, Open Mic Nights, Adult BYOB Art night out, Movie Nights, Parents night out and More!

We are also open to new classes, so if you don't see something in the above please do not hesitate to reach out and give us a recommendation! We are more than happy to expand our program!

What We Do


girl and guitar in front of a microphone on stage

Our Club Rock program is dedicated to provide aspiring musicians of all abilities and ages the opportunity to perfom in front of a live audience.

Not ready for it?, no problem , just learn to play an instrument.

Performing Arts


In our musical theatre program, we offer acting, dance, and vocal classes. Each session will conclude in a final performance for friends and family. Our performing arts classes build on confidence, self-presentation, and collaborative skills.

Visual Arts

teacher and students working on crafts

Our visual art classes allow children to explore their own ideas while learning various art techniques. We offer classes in arts, crafts, clay molding and painting, glass fusion, painting and drawing, jewelry making, cooking, and much more!