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Art Programs


* Seasonal Classes: Winter, Spring , Summer, Fall*

* Students are grouped by age & ability*

* Weekly classes available weekdays and weekends*

* Weekly classes run 8-12 weeks, with guided sessions* 

* End of season showcase include live performance, art exhibitions, contest, charity events and more…*

* In session new children are welcome!*

 Impromptu “Get-togethers / Hang-outs” welcome for all our Art Programs just make appointment at least 2 days in advance!

 Performing Arts:

Acting, singing, dancing weekly classes where children practice a selected musical play or skit. Children are assigned parts and roles. They are guided by our musical director. At the end of each season of classes. The children put on a live performance, to showcase all their hard efforts.

Clay/Pottery Works:

Spinning Wheel: Children will make a variety of objects through molding clay on a spinning wheel.  mugs, bowls, glasses, etc.  painted by the children then  we will glaze and fire in our kiln.

 Bisques: Children will make a variety of objects through molding clay on flat boards. Such as plaques, pot holders, wall ornaments, pendants etc. This is a great project for the young ones.

Molds: Children will make their own mold of an object, or select one of an object that is already made , then paint it, we will glaze, and fire in our kiln.

Glass  Fusion/ Mosaic:

           Glass Fusion:     Children will learn the process of making objects  made of glass project. They will have a variety to choose from such plates, night lights, hearts, hanging ornaments, etc.

Mosaic Projects:  The children will have the opportunity to use their  creativity in designing  their own  master piece out glass and tiles pieces. We offer a variety of samples to such, plaques, wall ornaments, hanging tree ornaments, etc.

Arts and Crafts:

              Children create a variety of arts & crafts projects.

Slime: is all about creating custom slime based on variety of colors, textures and scents.

Painting & Drawing:  focuses on unique painting & drawing projects. 

All Arts & Crafts projects are gear for specific age ranges in order for the children’s experience to be positive,  productive and fun for all.  

Bath and Body Works:

        Bath Bombs: Children make a variety of bath bombs in different sizes, shapes, colors, texture, and fragrances. 

        Shower Jellies: Children make a variety of shower jellies in different colors and fragrances.            

        Body Scrubs: Children will make a variety of body scrubs in different color, textures, and fragrances.

              *All these items are dried, and nicely wrapped for storage*

Young Chefs: Cooking and Baking

             Children learn how to cook and bake appetizers, entrees, and dessert, and more.

             The class involves following recipes, mixing ingredients, using forms such as pans, trays, cupcake tins.

Items are then baked or cooked then cooled, and decorated, and then ready for serving.

Rock School:

Group & Private Music Lessons. Students are grouped into bands by age, instruments, and ability. They are guided by a music director. They will also learn all the parts of a song. At the end of the season, there will be a live performance, where the kids preform all the songs they learned.

Fitness Programs: Yoga & Zumba

The class is a great way to exercise, have fun and relax!

Have  your party or special event with us in any one of these art programs!